Scholarship Materials for 2018-2019 are now available!

REF-2018-Scholarship-Application, v2 (Locked)  – Due April 15, 2018.

RHS Class of 2018 – Please remember that REF is an all volunteer organization and student volunteer hours are an important part of our “Auction for Education” success and in raising money for scholarships.  This is reflected in our scoring and award process. We encourage your participation!


The renewal application is due April 15, 2018 for the academic year 2018  – 2019. REF recipients are eligible for three consecutive renewals after the initial award. To be eligible the applicant must have received an REF scholarship the prior year as well as meet all other eligibility requirements.


Congratulations to the recipients for the graduation class of 2017 for the combined $23,000 in Senior Scholarships Recipients. 

Adam J. Trissel
Cassandra Yeagley
Cole Meyers
Devyn Davis
Hunter Coleman
Jaime Baker
Jesse K. Nubbe
John Lofgren
Jordan Golphenee
Lacee Largen
Logan Clark
Meghan Sullivan
Nicole Francis
Robert Phillips
Shouridama-Royce Justice Beadle
Steven Roberts
Taylor Holmes
Wyatt D. Stevens

In addition, we awarded $7,000 in renewal scholarships!
Castanon, Cheyenne 2015
Chatman, Jordan 2015
Froembling, Zachery 2014
Gonzales, Alyssa 2015
Haley, Samantha 2014
Harder, Cody 2015
Holmes, Mariah Frost 2014
Maddox, Augustine 2016
Miller, Alec 2016
Miller, Zachery 2016
Penner-Champlin, Elyssa 2015
Rush, Dalton 2016
Spivey, Morgan 2015
Stillings, Connor 2014

Students are eligible for the Renewal Scholarship for 3 consecutive years after their original scholarship award. The last year eligible for the 2018-2019 award year is the graduating class of 2015.


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